Your Frequently Asked Questions...

Interested in our grooming services? Please feel free to browse through our "Frequently asked questions" below. If your specific question or enquiry is not listed, please feel free to contact me per text only on 07484 668913 or simply per email to

  • Why use a mobile dog grooming service?

    I can fit your busy schedule and come to you, you won’t have to take the time to drop off and pick your dog up.

  • What should I do before bringing my dog in for its groom?

    It is best for your dog to walk before arrive my van, releasing some energy will help make the grooming process easier and more enjoyable. Also allow your dog to go to the toilet making their time inside the salon more comfortable.

  • What if my dog has fleas?

    If you know your dog has fleas, please take him to your vets for a treatment before you bring him/her for their grooming appointment. If I found your dog has fleas, I will charge extra to cover our costs for treating the salon.

  • Do you sedate the dogs?

    Absolutely not!

  • Will my Dog be muzzled?

    No, I do not muzzle dogs unless I feel it is absolutely necessary. I prefer to build up a trust between Dog and Groomer. However, Dogs that show signs of aggression or biting may be muzzled for both their safety and me.

  • What if my dog misbehaves?

    If I cannot safely complete your dog within the guidelines of the Animal Welfare Act 2006 due to behaviour, aggression or otherwise, I will call you to let you know.

  • Can I look inside of your van?

    Absolutely! I’m very proud of my state of the art mobile grooming van and happy to give you a tour when I arrive for your appointment.

  • Can I stay to watch the groom?

    It is actually better if you leave the salon as dogs are like children and will play up more trying to get their owner which can be dangerous for your dog if jumping around on the grooming table. If your dog is new to the grooming process or is old or nervous I will not hesitate to call you if I think your dogs needs to return home or it would be beneficial for the welfare of your dog for you to be present.

  • I won’t be able to make my appointment, what do I do?

    Please respect us by text or email to cancel and re-schedule. I require 24 hours notice to allow me to fill the appointment. Due to customers not contact to cancel /reschedule I have found it necessary to charge a 50% fee for all missed appointments less than 24hrs notice.